How Can We Help You in 2022?

Here we are, mid-February 2022, and the hot real estate topic continues to be a lack of product, multiple offers on every listing and the subsequent skyrocketing values.  Please find here articles that speak to those issues.  And/Or reach out to us – it’s our job to clarify the complexity and confusion of the current market, start to finish.  With local expertise since 1994, we thoroughly understand our market and we know you have relevant questions, such as…

  • Should I list my home first, or buy first?
  • Should I stay put and renovate?
  • How do I know the true value of a property?
  • What is a “bidding war” and how do I win?
  • What do market projections look like for the Collingwood/Blue area markets?
  • How can I attract the buyers migrating out of the GTA and other large markets?
  • What if I accept a good offer and then receive an even better one?
  • What if complications happen between accepting an offer and closing?
  • Should we wait until Spring to list?
  • How will expectant interest rate hikes from the Bank of Canada change things?
  • What does “Caveat Emptor” (Buyer Beware) really mean and why do I need a local expert in my corner?

Please know you can call us whenever you have a question or concern regarding the housing market, buying or selling a home, or anything else that’s real estate-related. Even if you have no plans to move in the foreseeable future, please consider us your source for real estate answers and advice.

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