Collingwood’s Waterfront Master Plan

Public access to a revitalized waterfront

The Waterfront Master Plan was developed in collaboration with various stakeholders, waterfront
user groups, and approximately 1,800 community members. It outlines the direction in which the town will take to improve and preserve the waterfront and its specific goals over the next 20 years.

Key Priorities

Through an online survey conduction by the town, approx. 750 participants ranked the following priorities in order of importance. Here is the result:

  • Cycling and walking connections
  • Public facilities supporting outdoor recreation (e.g. washrooms, pavilions, etc)
  • Environmental and ecological health
  • Activities and play areas for kids
  • Arts and culture (e.g. theatre, music, events, festivals, etc)
  • High quality, mixed-use development (e.g. restaurant, residential, commercial development, etc)
  • Non-motorized boating opportunities
  • Winter activities (e.g. winter festivals, skating, etc)
  • Celebrating Collingwood’s history
  • Motorized boating opportunities

Additional Links:

Master Plan

For more information on the Collingwood Waterfront Master Plan, click on this link to see the full document.

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