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How paint colour can influence your home sale price

There is no doubt that the real estate market in Collingwood and The Blue Mountains area is hot. Housing sale prices have been at an unprecidented high. This is great news if you are considering listing your property.

Now, what do you need to do to ensure you get top dollar for your house or condo?

Things to consider when you are preparing to list

De-cluttering, deep cleaning and staging a property are important. But what about wall colour?
Paint colour can effect mood, make a space look larger, detract from poor or low lighting and greatly influence the sale price of your home.

In an article published by, industry specialists discuss how colour can influence (negatively or positivley) the closing price of your home and can potentially add thousands of dollars to your closing price.

Keeping it warm and neutral

The article suggests that sticking to neutral, warm tones can increase your sale price. Beige, taupe, blue and greige (which is a combination of grey and beige) are the top suggestions for a fresh coat before listing. Bright vibrant colours like red or orange are said to actually lower the value of your home.
Fresh paint may make the difference and get you that top dollar price for your property.

For further details, please click on this link to read the full article on

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